Temporary tattoos, THE trend of the summer !

Realistic, trendy, and safe, the fake tattoo is the best and easiest alternative to a real tattoos. Find out why !

Fake Tattoos : how do they work ?

Tattoos are really trendy right now and it doesn’t seem to be going to change anytime soon. However taking the big jump and getting a permanent one is not a light decision to make and this could stop many of us interested in getting one…

We happen to have the perfect alternative to embellish your skin and try new designs whenever we want: temporary tattoos. While it’s currently getting more and more popular within the fashion world, let’s explain why YOU should try a fake tattoo.

What is a fake tattoo ?

The terms temporary tattoos means all skin designs that are not permanent (they often last from 5 days to 10 days). More precisely, you apply a design to your skin. Unlike permanent ones, fake tattoos are not injected under your skin and therefore do not go under your skin. There are many ways to apply a fake tattoo: stamps, pens, ink sprays and stencils. But before choosing the stencil or henna, which are often considered as temporary tattoos, the easiest way to get a trendy look is to try out fake tattoos and apply directly on your skin.

Why do we love fake tattoos so much ?

The semi permanent tattoo is the perfect trade off for anyone not willing to get a permanent tattoo, at least, for now. Here are all the main benefits: It can be erased and renewed ! The semi permanent tattoo is perfect if you want to try to find the perfect spot on your body, a special theme, a particular size and above all, it allows you to follow the trends and always be fashionable in any circumstances !

You can match your look with your tattoo to make sure your overall look is perfect for a night out.

Fake tattoos are a must-have this summer !

Temporary tattoos break your routine ! You can change styles whenever you want and match them with your outfits. They are so many of them, the choices are endless: Fake tattoos for men, women, animals tattoos, henna tattoos, everything is possible !

The only thing you have to do now is to try one on and enjoy the comments you’ll get from your friends as soon as you have some free time. You can also put them on your kids. Temporary tattoos are realistic and it will give you an accurate idea of what a real tattoo would look like if you hesitate between some designs, where to have it or the size of your tattoo.

Temporary tattoos: Harmless for your body/skin.

If you remember the “transfer tattoos” of your childhood, you would remember that they are really easy to apply, harmless, pain free and risk free for your skin.

The concept is exactly the same ! you apply the tattoo where you want, remove the plastic,  apply some water against the paper, wait a few seconds and that’s it ! Now, it’s time to go to the beach, walk around the city or run towards your favorite places to go out !

One of the biggest benefits of the semi permanent tattoo is the fact that it’s harmless for your health. It’s perfectly safe for your skin. All the ingredients being used to make them are written on the back of the instruction label. But like any cosmetic product, you should not apply a temporary tattoo around your eyes, or on a very dry or irritated skin.

Safe and trendy, temporary tattoos are without a doubt the perfect fashion accessory for this summer! Many designs to choose from, black and white or colourful, small or big, your options are endless! commitment and risk-free for your skin, it’s the small detail that will make your look stand out among your friends. Time to take the (small) leap :)