TOP 5 of the most beautiful temporary tattoos for women

Great news, summer is back, time to start looking for ways to stand out and be different! We have collected our very own TOP 5 best tattoos for women. Read on to find out what cool new look you can sport this summer!

Days are getting longer, temperatures are on the rise, we can all feel summer coming to our great satisfaction ! Let’s put away our winter clothes, jackets, scarves and beanies, it’s time to make space for light clothes and more comfortable outfits and show part of our bodies that have been hidden for months!

And what better way than a temporary tattoo to make sure you stand out on the beach, at a party or amongst your friends ? Realistic, trendy, and safe, fake tattoos are the best companion for those long summer days.

Discover below our selected models for summer 2019

1/ Skin Jewellery temporary tattoo

Chosen unanimously by our team here at The Cool Tattoo to be number 1 on this list, skin jewellry is definitely the way to go this summer. This tattoo will be the perfect add on to match your long summer dresses and show your tanned skin to your friends.

Never “show off”, this temporary tattoo can also be discreet and you get to make it your own based on where you decide to apply it on your body...

You can find this model “Temporary tattoo golden skin Jewelry” on our website for 8,80€.

2/ “Mandala” Temporary tattoo

Our best seller in our spiritual fake tattoo category. A mandala is a dream symbol, representing the dreamer's search for completeness and self-unity.

Once applied on you body, you will feel at peace with yourself. 100% positive energy and good feelings guaranteed :) Here, at The The Cool Tattoo, we are absolute fans of this category with 7 different models.

You can find this model “Mandala” on our website for 3,90€.

3/ Minimalistic Temporary Tattoo

Are you looking for a rather discrete kind of semi permanent tattoo ? Then, look no more, time to make the right decision and try out one  of our minimalistic and geometric temporary tattoos !

You’ll love our best seller model “Birds”. This elegant fake tattoo will be at the center of all conversations at the next pool party :)

You can find this model “Birds” on our website for 3,90€.

4/ Flower Temporary tattoo

As soon as we get them in stock, they sell out ! one of our most popular tattoos in 2019. The semi permanent flower tattoos are made to show your true self. Your natural self will shine through those timeless tattoos.

This temporary tattoo will be the perfect companion for a bohemian beach party or a rock concert ! You can easily match it with some cool jeans or a skirt ! Time to party !

You can find this model “Temporary tattoo flowers” on our site for 8,90€.

5/Bachelorette Party and Wedding temporary tattoo  

Of course, you need to find the perfect opportunity to wear this fake tattoo with your girlfriends but what a difference it makes ! wearing the same tattoo for an entire day or weekend is really good fun. Great pictures will be taken and souvenir will be made with your crew.

If you have not experienced this yet, it’s time to make the move ;)

You can find wedding temporary tattoo  on our website for 3,90€.